Tweed Podiatry


We take pride in offering a comprehensive and extremely high-quality range of treatments for all manner of foot, ankle and lower limb conditions regardless of your age, activity levels or additional health problems. We are also registered with most major private health insurance organisations including Bupa.

Runner's Mot

Both seasoned and novice runners can benefit from this special service that is tailored to your individual abilities and goals. It is designed for the non-injured runner seeking expert advice on all things running, including detailed gait analysis, shoe selection, training strategies and beyond.

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Steroid Injection

Steroid injections can provide significant relief for many foot and ankle conditions in conjunction with other treatments or when other therapies have not been fully successful

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Paediatric Assessment

We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for the unique foot and lower limb problems experienced by persons under the age of 16.

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Gait Analysis

Lower limb pain and injury are often mechanical in origin. We will perform a detailed assessment of specific movement tests including walking/running gait analysis to uncover why you are in pain.

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Standard Podiatry Care

We offer comprehensive treatments for all common nail and skin conditions including corns, callus, ingrown toenail, verrucae and many more.

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Nail Surgery

We offer a complete nail surgery care package with safe and effective removal of painful ingrown toenails under local anaesthetic so the problem is gone for good.

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Musculoskeletal Assessment

Wherever you are experiencing pain from your foot, ankle or leg, this appointments is designed for our non-sporting clients who want answers to their problem. This can range from heel pain, tendon issues, aching joints, forefoot pain and beyond.

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Sports Assessment

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a professional athlete or just starting a new activity, our sports assessments are designed to help you tackle the foot, ankle or lower limb pain that is interfering with the sport you love.

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Foot Orthoses

From pre-fabricated to fully bespoke devices, our expertly made range of foot orthoses can be used to effectively treat many foot and lower limb conditions in people of all ages and activity levels.

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